Ultra Hots Model Airplane Design

Ultra Hots Model AirplaneHave you ever asked yourself why the model airplane hobby remains so popular? Could it be because we like making model airplanes and like to share our creativity?

In essence, modeling projects aren’t to different from the works of great artists, sculptors, or architects.

( I sometimes wonder what Leonardo da Vinci would fly if he were alive today-pattern, scale, or sport?! )

One of Dan Santich’s most popular model airplane design is the Ultra Hots model airplane design. Dan Santich was a legend in the model airplane industry and his accomplishments were truly remarkable. You can go here to read about his life and what he meant to the model airplane industry.  The Ultra Hots feels the gap between the Super Hots and the Big Hots model airplane designed by the late Dan Santich.

Ultra Hots Model Airplane

It’s challenging, yet forgiving; you’ll never grow tired of it or ask “Is that all there is?” The Ultra Hots model airplane is the most capable in the the Hots line, and its performance envelope is amazing.

This model airplane is awesome! You can practically “walk” it around without fear of it stalling and falling.Takeoffs and landings are so easy, the Ultra Hots practically does them for you.

Because you can fly it very slowly and still have full control, some have even used the Ultra Hots as a trainer as well. When you open the throttle, only your imagination and flying ability limit your fun.

UltraHots.comThe Ultra Hots model airplane can also fly so fast that you can bounce it all over the sky doing inside loops, outside loops, spins, wing-overs, snaps and never leave a 20 degree box! In other words, you can do everything in front of you.

Ultra Hots Help

If you are new to big models, don’t worry. The build is easy. No special equipment is required in the construction, and a standard radio will fly it.

I use two servos for my elevators (one to each side) connected by a wire Y-harness; I do the same for ailerons. Everything else is standard.

UltraHots.com will make the whole process easy for you by giving you the Ultra Hots Build Videos from start to finish , instructed by Dan Santich himself.

Ultra Hots

Ultra Hots Kits and Plans

These videos were recently discovered by Steven Santich,  “Son of the Legend” who continues his fathers vision to make the Ultra Hots one of the best model airplanes in the world to fly.

Here are a few Ultra Hots build video’s by Dan Santich himself. He takes you through the whole process of building this famous model airplane known all over the world.